Shadow on the snow

22 12 2012

Not that “Shadow,” but dark and sleek and nearly jet black:

Bounce, following Hollywood's and Comanche's bands.


He has been following Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands for a little while now. His daughter Aurora, his spitting image, down to her right hind fetlock, is part of Hollywood’s band. While I visited the horses, I sat in the snow, and Bounce took up guardian position behind me. Aurora wandered close – but not too close – to her daddy.

The elder mister looks pretty good. I bet he could tell some stories of winters weathered in Spring Creek Basin.

So much for the end of the world, eh? What a glorious day was the winter solstice!



One response

22 12 2012
Pat Amthor

Ah the stories they could tell. He is looking very strong and fuzzy.

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