Shady Shane

12 06 2013

Shane, in Hollywood's band, shadowed by Bounce in the background.

Shane is a young mare in Hollywood’s band. She (apparently) had great fun with her mud treatment at the spa. That’s Mr. Bounce in the background, admiring from afar.



3 responses

12 06 2013
Barbara Stagg

So glad Bounce isn’t all alone anymore.

Still look forward every morning to your pictures, TJ. Hate I had to miss the memorial benefit for Pati.

12 06 2013

Shane is so lovely, mud and all. I love Bounce too.

12 06 2013

Bounce has been with Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands for quite a while now, and those two bands have been close since not long after the roundup. I like to think Bounce is watching over his daughter, but it’s probably more realistic to think he just likes the company.

The benefit in Pati’s memory was really nice!

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