Into the morning light

25 01 2013

Bounce against the north ridges.

Bounce, sire of Aurora in the previous post. They’re both black with a nearly identical right hind fetlock – you can only barely see the upper part of Bounce’s because of the snow. Additionally, Aurora sports the tiniest, barest crescent of an almost-there “star” on her forehead.

He has been following Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands for a little while now. This particular morning wasn’t the first I’ve seen him and Aurora fairly close together.



4 responses

25 01 2013
Prairie girl

He’s a black beauty. This image is peaceful and he looks safe and sound. Thanks for sharing him with us.

25 01 2013

Bounce looks better than he did this summer. Is it because of his winter coat?

25 01 2013

I think Bounce is a beautiful horse. (aren’t they all) 🙂

25 01 2013

He IS a black beauty. He always has been one of my favorites (one of many, yes). He had an injury last year, and while he recovered, he wasn’t in the best shape. Then he recovered, both weight and from his injury.

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