Mud monster

9 06 2013


Bounce is a bachelor since the 2011 roundup, and he has been hanging out with Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands for quite a while now. The boys have distinctly separate bands, but they stay very close to each other. The mares mingle a little, and Madison and Temple seem to hang out as much as Madison and her sister Juniper.

The bands had been drinking from the trickle – along with bachelors Duke, Kreacher, Aspen and the young monsters bachelors. Most of the horses had splashes of mud on them – even across their faces. I thought Hollywood had acquired some new face scars until I saw the pix closer on the computer and realized they were streaks of mud. So they’re still finding water enough to drink – and play in! With gnat season in Disappointment Valley under way, that’s a good thing.



3 responses

9 06 2013
Prairie girl

Ha! Muddy beauty.

10 06 2013
Marytherese Ambacher

Hi TJ, THANK YOU for the magnificent photos of the graceful mustangs.

I have for years wondered how to see them in the wild? (I live in the midwest) My sister and her husband moved to Durango 5 years ago, last year they went out in search of the herds and sent me several photos. I fell in love with Raven and Skywalker (of course I now know their names, thanks to you). Next week my 3 sisters, myself and our grown daughters are taking a trip to Spring Creek Basin in search of the herds and with some luck, see them in person. You could call it, #1 on my BUCKET LIST. Do you live near Durango?

10 06 2013
Pat Amthor

I love the mud and it may keep the gnats/noseeums at bay for a minute. I pray for rain!

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