Fading days

29 10 2022

Is it weird that during these shortening autumn days, we wish for longer days to take in all the beauty?



8 responses

29 10 2022

What a day! Watching wild horses would be perfect!

29 10 2022

Every day watching wild horses IS perfect! 🙂

29 10 2022
Karen Schmiede

Wish they would leave the time alone! Hate the early sunset!

29 10 2022

Ugh. I feel it creeping up on us already. When I was heading out of the basin the other day at sunset … about 6 … I told myself, “This will be 5 already in another week or so.” Ack!

29 10 2022
Sue E. Story

Well said, TJ. Autumn, with all of its riotous colors and beautiful metallic light, is my favorite time of the year, and the days just do not last long enough!

29 10 2022

Maybe it makes us enjoy them more. 🙂 I LOVE autumn (and winter) light and color!

29 10 2022
Martha Kennedy

I don’t know. Since the higher sun means green and heat it seems like some kind of trade off. But yesterday was absolutely crystal clear here in the SLV and I was glad to be in it in the early evening and definitely felt a sense that I needed to GET OUT THERE while the getting was good.

29 10 2022

Never enough hours in the day to spend looking at this herd !

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