Walking in the cloud

24 01 2020


Skywalker seems to be asking where his view has gone.


After an early morning with sunshine – and fairly warm (at freezing) temps – the fog rolled in again. And THIS time, I found a cooperative pony!

By the time I saw other horses, the fog had almost completely cleared, the ground had not only thawed, it was SUPER muddy, and the ponies were far from the road. (There’s hiking, and there’s hiking in MUD.)

And yes, it is M.U.D.D.Y. out there! There’s quite a lot of moisture on/in the ground … and we need more. There I go, being all greedy-like. 🙂



4 responses

24 01 2020
Marytherese Ambacher

Thank you TJ, you made my day! Always love to see Skywalker…

24 01 2020
Sue Story

😍 He’s like a vision coming out of the cloud! But then gorgeous Skywalker is always a vision.

24 01 2020

What a handsome guy!!!!

24 01 2020

Skywalker’s so good in the fog!

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