On the edge of soft

23 01 2020


Dark lady of the woods, Cassidy Rain.

The ground was just starting to thaw and get soft when I took this photo of the dark beauty as I was leaving the band after a lovely little visit (that also seemed sunnier than this pic shows).

“The thaw” in mid-morning (depending on sunshine and temp and overnight temp) is its own little natural miracle. It happens. It’s simple. It’s complex. It’s normal. It’s unique. It’s a wonder of nature, just like our mustangs.



4 responses

23 01 2020
Karen Schmiede

She is a real beauty!

23 01 2020


23 01 2020
Sue Story

From ice to “mashed potatoes” – one of those little marvels we don’t stop long enough to think about. Thank you, TJ!

24 01 2020

Fabulous horse and picture!

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