21 12 2019


Sometimes, titles and wording of explanation come to mind easily for blog posts.

Sometimes, there’s not any word or string of words that can accurately convey the feeling of the moment a single image portrays.

Spring Creek Basin. Temple. La Sal Mountains. Moisture. Forage. Light. Color. Beauty.


Little, not insignificant

20 12 2019


The sound of the helicopter had reached us, and Comanche and Kestrel were searching for the source of the noise. You can see it as the weird white dot in the sky immediately to the right of McKenna Peak. It flew over the eastern side of the basin and over the northern ridge and Horse Park.

It didn’t bother them too much, but they watched until the sound faded.

Looking over the world

19 12 2019


Shane contemplates the sunset basin from her perch on a ridge in the east.

Both rims of Spring Creek canyon are visible at middle-ground right.

Mane a’flying!

18 12 2019


Madison seems to be trailing her band – “wait for me!” But in truth, she was leading the way to water!

Except that they bypassed the pond (frozen) and ended up near another band, peacefully grazing along in the snow. 🙂

As you can see, we didn’t get a LOT of snow, but we did get SOME.

We know magic

17 12 2019


Don’t miss the mustangs for the mountains. 🙂

Hint: They’re just inside the line of shade at middle-left in the photo. In the middle-ground of the photo is the north rim of Spring Creek canyon. The farthest “point” forms part of Spring Creek Basin’s western boundary.

Disappointment Valley got a varying amount of snow – about an inch in the basin.

A little white

16 12 2019


Part 1: I kinda forgot to do a blog post last night for this morning.

Part 2: Disappointment Valley woke up to a dusting of snow, and I didn’t really have a pic to fit the scene.

The above photo shows sunset a couple of evenings ago over the La Sal Mountains, to our northwest. The south rim of Spring Creek canyon can be seen in the foreground. We didn’t get nearly the moisture from this system that was a) forecast or b) expected by those of us always wishing and hoping for moisture forecasts to be true.

It’s a very dry snow, so not much moisture, but it’s pretty, and if it lasts long enough, I won’t forget a pic for tomorrow’s post! Well, I won’t forget in either case!

The napper and the protector

15 12 2019


Comanche stands with his best girl, Kestrel, as she naps under a grand old juniper tree in Spring Creek Basin. She didn’t have much shade, but sometimes you don’t need a big reason for a nap. 🙂

Our forecast moisture hasn’t materialized yet, but as I type this Saturday night, the weather gurus still are calling for about an 80 percent chance of snow. So fingers are crossed to wake up to a white morning!


14 12 2019


In the far places of Spring Creek Basin, mud still is deep and damp – still *mud*.

We have more moisture in the forecast. So while it’s still pretty brown out there, we’re feeling blessed this early in the season. 🙂

Those ears!

13 12 2019



She’s the cutest! 🙂

That boy!

12 12 2019


Mr. Stout – aka Skywalker – was grazing along on top of a hill between his band of bachelor bros and another band. When he split from his buddies, I lost track of them, too, and didn’t see them again.

We had cloudy skies, but the day ended with that delicious light just before the sun set. We have more rain in our forecast – and maybe some snow!