24 12 2019


May the magic of the season be with you now and throughout the year!

Spots ‘n shadows

23 12 2019


More camouflage from our lovely pinto ladies Puzzle and Spirit.

As you can see, we still have snow in places in Spring Creek Basin. Most of lower Disappointment Valley is long bare of snow from the last dusting we got. We’re still hoping for some moisture this week around Christmas. Our chances fade and return and fade. We’re hoping for more returning and less fading!

Winter solstice

22 12 2019



He makes his own light.

Read more about the northern hemisphere’s winter solstice.


21 12 2019


Sometimes, titles and wording of explanation come to mind easily for blog posts.

Sometimes, there’s not any word or string of words that can accurately convey the feeling of the moment a single image portrays.

Spring Creek Basin. Temple. La Sal Mountains. Moisture. Forage. Light. Color. Beauty.


Little, not insignificant

20 12 2019


The sound of the helicopter had reached us, and Comanche and Kestrel were searching for the source of the noise. You can see it as the weird white dot in the sky immediately to the right of McKenna Peak. It flew over the eastern side of the basin and over the northern ridge and Horse Park.

It didn’t bother them too much, but they watched until the sound faded.

Looking over the world

19 12 2019


Shane contemplates the sunset basin from her perch on a ridge in the east.

Both rims of Spring Creek canyon are visible at middle-ground right.

Mane a’flying!

18 12 2019


Madison seems to be trailing her band – “wait for me!” But in truth, she was leading the way to water!

Except that they bypassed the pond (frozen) and ended up near another band, peacefully grazing along in the snow. 🙂

As you can see, we didn’t get a LOT of snow, but we did get SOME.