A little white

16 12 2019


Part 1: I kinda forgot to do a blog post last night for this morning.

Part 2: Disappointment Valley woke up to a dusting of snow, and I didn’t really have a pic to fit the scene.

The above photo shows sunset a couple of evenings ago over the La Sal Mountains, to our northwest. The south rim of Spring Creek canyon can be seen in the foreground. We didn’t get nearly the moisture from this system that was a) forecast or b) expected by those of us always wishing and hoping for moisture forecasts to be true.

It’s a very dry snow, so not much moisture, but it’s pretty, and if it lasts long enough, I won’t forget a pic for tomorrow’s post! Well, I won’t forget in either case!



4 responses

17 12 2019

So beautiful!!!

17 12 2019

Beautiful sunset. Thanks for having a pic every day of a place I love.

17 12 2019


19 12 2019
Sue Story

Those forecasts never seem to turn out the way they say…or the way we want! But gorgeous photo, TJ. Snow or no snow, it’s beautiful.

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