We know magic

17 12 2019


Don’t miss the mustangs for the mountains. 🙂

Hint: They’re just inside the line of shade at middle-left in the photo. In the middle-ground of the photo is the north rim of Spring Creek canyon. The farthest “point” forms part of Spring Creek Basin’s western boundary.

Disappointment Valley got a varying amount of snow – about an inch in the basin.



4 responses

17 12 2019

Great picture, what lighting! I had to make the picture bigger to find the horses!

17 12 2019
Karen Schmiede

Had to really look hard to see them!

19 12 2019
Sue Story

I see those tell-tale “dots” in the shade! Just a drop- dead photo looking toward the Moab “Blues!”

19 12 2019
Mark Moreland

my phone doesn’t let me see the smaller details. But those La Sals, they”re gorgeous!

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