Little, not insignificant

20 12 2019


The sound of the helicopter had reached us, and Comanche and Kestrel were searching for the source of the noise. You can see it as the weird white dot in the sky immediately to the right of McKenna Peak. It flew over the eastern side of the basin and over the northern ridge and Horse Park.

It didn’t bother them too much, but they watched until the sound faded.



4 responses

20 12 2019
Maggie Frazier

I’m guessing there arent many horses there that remember the roundups! This herd is one of the very few lucky ones. Not many of those left.

20 12 2019

Comanche and Kestrel were captured (she was in Comanche’s band, even then), and they were released; our Wild Bunch group worked closely with BLM during the 2011 roundup. We work hard for that “luck,” in partnership with our excellent BLM herd manager, by using PZP to slow reproduction and keep our herd’s population balanced with the range’s forage and water resources. We are extremely grateful for that partnership with our local BLM folks.

22 12 2019
Sue Story

I hope that wasn’t a traumatic flashback for them! So, so glad they were released, TJ.

23 12 2019

What the heck flying so low!

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