That boy!

12 12 2019


Mr. Stout – aka Skywalker – was grazing along on top of a hill between his band of bachelor bros and another band. When he split from his buddies, I lost track of them, too, and didn’t see them again.

We had cloudy skies, but the day ended with that delicious light just before the sun set. We have more rain in our forecast – and maybe some snow!



4 responses

12 12 2019

Skywalker the stout! Looking good!

12 12 2019
Penny Edwards

I just ❤️ Skywalker! Stout is Sturdy 👏👏

12 12 2019
Karen Schmiede

He has the force with Him! LOL

12 12 2019
Sue Story

How I love Mr. Skywalker! 😍 I can still remember when he was a dark color; he’s “greyed” out so fast – and just as gorgeous!

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