Horse Park Fire now on Inciweb

31 05 2018

Skywalker; Horse Park Fire

Another link for ya’ll: The Horse Park Fire is on Inciweb.

The fire is at 1,240 acres and 50 percent contained! Two hundred seventy-two people are working on this fire, and we thank each and every one of them! They estimate containment by June 9.

The smoke was much reduced Wednesday, even from the last couple of days.

And more good news: We got a few drops of rain. 🙂 I think one of the fire reports said no rain fell over the fire, but it was cooler, and we had cloud cover. The weather is supposed to change (not for the better), so this hopefully gave firefighters a good day to make advances. The report note that the moisture in the dead logs in the fire area is about 3 percent; kiln-dried wood has about 15 percent moisture. Yikes.

It’s hard to overstate how terribly dry it is. Please, please, be careful.



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31 05 2018
Prairie girl

Amazing capture of this wild one traipsing in foreground of plumes of smoke!
I’m so sorry to hear about this fire. Needless to say, we didn’t stop because of it. Those firefighters do amazing, tireless work…I know it will be contained soon! Meanwhile, you take care of you and all those ponies on that good land, TJ! 🙏

31 05 2018

Oh, I’m so sorry to have missed you. Maybe on your way back around? It’s not affecting our mustangs, even in terms of smoke. 🙂

31 05 2018
Sue Story

It was a good day yesterday in terms of clouds, a tad higher humidity, and more moderate temps – an opportunity for the firefighters to make a run at this thing! Every little gift makes a difference, and we are grateful. Wishing those firefighters a good day today! Stay safe, TJ.

31 05 2018

Definitely feeling grateful yesterday! Today, with the blazing wind … not so much. Argh. Thanks for your wishes!

31 05 2018

Yes, yes. Be safe. Those who smoke need to dispose in their car never out a window. You are s o right, it is dry, dry.

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