Fighting the Horse Park Fire

30 05 2018


The smoke as of Tuesday is way less from the Horse Park Fire as many more firefighters are arriving to work on it. This photo is from Sunday evening as Comanche paused while grazing. You can see the lines of red retardant on the far ridge below the smoke where the air tankers were dropping it along the fire’s edge.

Update: I wanted to add this link to a Facebook page specifically for the Horse Park Fire.

Some more links to information about the Horse Park Fire:

Cortez Journal article

Wildfire Today



3 responses

30 05 2018
Sue Story

Thanks for the links, TJ! It’s nice to find all that info in one place. Comanche looks pretty relaxed – he probably figures the firefighters have everything under control. 🙂

30 05 2018

I wonder what Comanche was thinking about the smoke, fire AND the planes!

Thanks to the fire fighters keeping the Basin safe!

31 05 2018

Wild horses mitigate wildfire fuel saving taxpayers millions. Keeping wild horses in holding corrals is “like having the entire fire department in jail!” ~ Return the captive wild horses to their legal domain to fill their ecological niche.

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