Short stuff

9 03 2013


Mister Poco is looking pretty well after the winter.


He has some old-man aches and pains, but it’s good to see him hale and hearty and moving into spring.

Bay beauty

23 11 2012

Had a welcome sighting of this handsome bay boy:

Poco, sporting his fuzzy winter coat!

While I was taking pix of him, I hiked over to look at the double ponds to check the water status.

Good news!

The pond that was dug out in 2009 has good water! The second double pond – which was not dug out – has no water, but the center is muddy.

Interestingly, some of the ground between the road and the good pond was moist on the surface. Given that we haven’t had any moisture for a couple of weeks (and that, not much), that’s just something to “make ya go hmm.” Most of the ponds do still have water, and as noted in a couple of previous posts, there are some water-producing seeps in arroyos.

Keep dancing. Mother Nature, like BLM, moves at her own pace. 🙂

Below Knife Edge

14 10 2012

What a beautiful place, our world.

Poco. Not always seen, but expected!

Near the double ponds in the eastern part of the basin. And the ponds still have water, however shallow.


28 09 2012

Look who we found!

Friends Barbara and John visited the basin and proved to be good luck charms when it came to finding horses. This was the first time I’d seen Poco since the end of June.

He’s always had the swollen knee, but his injured leg is his left hind. It is much improved, but it’s still more swollen than the other.

He still has a bit of a hitch in his giddy-up, but all things considered, he’s not doing too bad. He’s a little leaner than I’d like to see, but that’s not too bad, either. We also saw Bounce, and he looks really good and also is moving well.

Handsome bay boy. So glad and relieved to see him!


8 06 2012

He’s … OK.

He’s alone, and his left hock is pretty stocked up.

He has a small, healing wound inside that hock. A puncture, perhaps … or perhaps something else.

He gets around well, and based on the smaller hoof prints in the area, I think he has had visitors (Apollo, with Tenaz and Hayden and possibly Storm, all four of whom I saw with Kiley).

He’s in good shape.

His right knee has been enlarged for quite a while. While he favors it slightly, it doesn’t slow him down. You can see the small wound right about in the middle of his left hock. The protrusion just below the point of his hock is his chestnut.

Poco at home. That’s McKenna Peak (namesake of the McKenna Peak Wilderness Study Area, part of which is included within Spring Creek Basin’s boundaries) in the background, one of our most prominent and identifiable landmarks.

He seems to be doing OK, and he’s moving … if not well, well, he’s moving. It’s not awful, but it’s not normal; he has a definite hitch in his giddy-up.

But I’m awfully glad to see the boy.

RIP Roach

1 06 2012

I’ve been worried about Roach for weeks. He’s usually with Poco, and they usually split briefly in the spring, then reunite.

It’s never unusual to go weeks without seeing these boys, but something was different this time. I saw Poco several times … but not Roach.

Earlier this spring, I had had a couple of possible sightings of Roach, but I hadn’t seen him for certain since the top photo was taken – April 23. I haven’t seen Poco now since early May. As much as he grieved for Bones …

Yesterday, I found Roach, at the bottom of a steep, narrow arroyo. The best I can hope is that it was quick.

The first time I saw Roach was in about 2004, with Poco, a dark bay mare I later documented as Ceal and her then-yearling colt. Roach was young, full of fire, with a roached mane and forelock and a skimpy, almost-nothing tail.

That was in the double ponds area, and since then, I saw him with Poco, almost always in that area, except these recent springs, when they’d split to go wandering. As far as I know, Roach never had a band/mare of his own, though he stayed with Poco when he had Bones and, later, Iya and Cougar.

I think he was 11-12 years old.

Oh, Roach. Spring Creek Basin has been and will be less without your presence.

Signs of spring

4 04 2012

These signs of spring bring me joy: grass greening, robins, phlox blooming, water flowing, Poco and Roach sightings.

I’ve seen them previously, but this was my first photo opportunity with these boys this spring. Such handsome misters.