19 06 2019

Hollywood; Temple Butte

Mr. Calm trots back to his band after a brief get-together with some young bachelors. Hollywood has reason to be calm; he’s in his prime, and actual challenges are few.


18 06 2019


The pintos are small. And mighty. Mighty small. All mighty! 🙂

Meadow in the valley

17 06 2019

Maia and Alegre; Brumley Point and Temple Butte

Sorry about the technical difficulties! I can’t believe it posted any part of this post earlier, but this is the “meadow” in the greater valley – a beautiful gathering place recently. 🙂

Technical difficulties

17 06 2019

Hopefully I can update this in the morning. Errors tonight!

Happy Father’s Day!

16 06 2019


To all the great dads – including my very awesome dad, Dave! – out there who protect and watch over us and support us and brag about our successes (and comfort our missteps): Thank you. 🙂

Happy Father’s Day!

Pretty, pretty pinto pony

16 06 2019


The lovely Reya still was fuzzy a month ago. Sleek and shiny describes all the mustangs now in these days of early summer.

Object of affection

15 06 2019

Terra and Aurora with wildflowers.

Terra and Aurora were very interested in another band.