Mustangs of America

14 10 2019


Do you believe in magic?

Of course you do. You enjoy the mustangs of Spring Creek Basin, Disappointment Valley, southwestern Colorado, USA, North America, planet Earth, featured on this blog. 🙂

Pictured is Hollywood’s most beautiful band of lovelies, and in the background, one can see across Spring Creek Basin and lower Disappointment Valley to the northwest. Spring Creek canyon is about center, over Shane’s back. The La Sal Mountains of southeastern Utah dominate the horizon.

They could represent all the wild in all the places.


Through the jungle

13 10 2019


We don’t have too many trees in Spring Creek Basin, so even a few add a different look to the scenery. Golden Kestrel, of course, looks fabulous in any setting.

Handsome, check

12 10 2019


Look who took a break from sunset grazing to look all handsome in the about-to-disappear sunshine. 🙂 Mr. Tenaz: big, bay, beauty boy.

So bright

11 10 2019


Sundance keeps an eye on a nearby band while his napped under a tree nearby like they thought it was still summer.

Our part of Colorado – back in severe drought conditions – didn’t get the snow that other parts of Colorado (and other states!) got with yesterday’s cold front, but our temps dropped … from lovely 70s to lower 40s. With bright sunshine, and cottonwoods along Disappointment Creek starting to show some gold, it was gorgeous weather here. … But we’d sure like to have some moisture.

Big, good daddy

10 10 2019


Storm’s “do” is growing out, but it still stands up pretty straight and thick.

He rocks it. 🙂

Tangles ‘n shine

9 10 2019


Glowing. Reya. Knee deep in autumn forage.


8 10 2019


Pretty Piedra contemplates the one admiring her while she swishes some late-season flies during our still-warm autumn days.