17 04 2017

Houdini, Maia and Alegre

Spending time with the mustangs renews your faith in the world. Mostly because the rest of the world seems far, far away when you’re with them. 🙂


16 04 2017

Comanche and Terra, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

On Easter, remembering a happier day, when I didn’t pick up piles of trash left by ATV-UTV-dirtbike-and-jacked-up-Jeep-riding/driving people “celebrating” spring in the vast wilderness of our American public lands.

On Easter, a plea for the respectful treatment of our lands, our wildlife … each other.


15 04 2017


Some things are greening faster than others.


In Spring Creek Basin, the “ice cream” is green, and we call it greasewood. 🙂

Peace under the guardian

14 04 2017

Chipeta and Ty - Temple Butte in the background.

Ty and Chipeta graze peacefully in the warm sunshine under ever-watchful Temple Butte on the loveliest of days in Spring Creek Basin. 🙂

Taking a pause

13 04 2017

Hollywood; Temple Butte

Hollywood watches his band during a pause in his grazing, while Temple Butte glows from late light in the background. It’s a beautiful world out there.

And away they go

12 04 2017

Maiku, Temple Butte

Really? He couldn’t have run along the top of that little rise in the foreground with his mane blowing in the wind and iconic Temple Butte in the background?

But this image (and memory) makes me laugh, so maybe I like it even better. 🙂

Returning the look

11 04 2017

Maiku and Corazon

Maiku and Corazon … looking at Reya as she looks at them.