Beauty wrapped in white

7 12 2018

Terra; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Fortunately for the sake of this photo, a horse was behind Terra, and when she looked around at him, she paused to look at me as she turned back to her grazing. And shazam: Terra and the icons of Spring Creek Basin.

Glorious. 🙂



6 12 2018


Bright-eyed Gaia girl in the bright late light.

It’s beginning to look like …

5 12 2018

Hollywood; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

… a little drought relief. 🙂

Wishes … fulfilled

4 12 2018

Temple Butte from Spring Creek Basin

We’d like some more of course. But we’re pretty happy with the initial offering. 🙂

This is from the southeastern end of Spring Creek Basin looking toward Temple Butte.

Evening water trek

3 12 2018

Tenaz; Brumley Point

There’s water in them there folds. Really. I promise. 🙂

Black and blue

2 12 2018


Not to worry: Spring Creek Basin DOES have water. Because of fluctuations in temperatures as the season changes and daylight length lessens, we’ve had both ice and free-flowing water for our free-roaming mustangs. Seeing the horses drink from nice, full ponds is definitely a relief.


1 12 2018

Storm; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Storm trudges after his band. Look at those ears. 🙂 He was very happy grazing where he was, thank you very much. But the girls decided it was time for the evening drink, and where the girls go, Storm is obliged to follow!