Walking out of a dream

15 09 2017


Sweet Winona walks out of the secret forest.

But it’s not a dream, and it’s not secret. She’s a real live wild and beautiful mustang, and her land is our land.



14 09 2017


Sooooooooooooooo handsome with the flip of his cute little forelock.

Flirty Hayden. 🙂


12 09 2017

Aurora, Brumley Point

Aurora wanders through tall grass shortly after sunset.

Ho hum. Just another not-starving mustang enjoying her not-destroyed home range.



12 09 2017


Pretty Spirit tries out the “you can’t see me if I hide behind this juniper tree” idea.

It doesn’t work with beautiful deer, either, sweet girl. 🙂


11 09 2017


Life in the wild isn’t all fun and roses. But S’aka is tough, and he’s already healing.

Do you love his wavy mane??


10 09 2017


A picture of a not-starving mustang grazing abundant native grasses – not destroyed – is worth a thousand peaceful moments. … And ought to count for a lot more than that when it comes to protecting their future.

Escape artist – and congrats!

9 09 2017


Would you believe this gorgeous wild gal is in her 30s? I’m pretty sure she is.

She seems to have tapped into the precious magic of the basin.


Happy THIRTIETH anniversary to beloved mustang volunteers Pat and Frank Amthor. Their advocacy started in Spring Creek Basin some 20 years ago when they helped organize and lead the annual wild horse count with Four Corners Back Country Horsemen.

They’re in the basin this weekend with friends to celebrate with the mustangs for whom they’ve worked long and hard. 🙂

God surely smiled when he united us with these mustang angels!