They are the magic

14 10 2020

Hollywood’s band on a bench just below the top of Round Top in Spring Creek Basin. The top is just above my right shoulder. This is looking basically northwestish, and the basin stretches across the middle background.

Mares wait for no stallion

13 10 2020

Kwana follows his ladies away from their evening drink.

The mountains are clearer than they’ve been lately. Our temps dropped, which is lovely, but no clouds means no rain.

Studious stepping

12 10 2020

Spirit places each hoof carefully on the slippery shale while walking down a fin of a ridge on the west side of Round Top. What they were doing up there – and they were up there! – only they know.

The view is fabulous, but the grazing is sparse!

Pick your left leg up …

11 10 2020

… and shake off all the flies.

Lift your right leg up … and shake off all the flies.

Or maybe Comanche has invented a new rain dance! 🙂

White gold

10 10 2020

The inimitable Houdini climbs a hill after drinking with her band at the newest water catchment above Disappointment Road. That catchment is a few years old now, and during these exceptionally dry times, we’re as grateful for it as ever.

In the background are cottonwoods along (dry) Disappointment Creek (outside Spring Creek Basin).

Hurricanes and flooding; wildfires and destruction; drought and no rain in sight. And those are just the simplest to name. My heart aches for all those suffering.

Walking in sunlight

9 10 2020

Killian is about to enter the shade from nearby Round Top. He’s so handsome, he carries his light with him.

Who goes there

8 10 2020

Terra and Piedra went on the alert when a vehicle approached their band’s nap zone. We weren’t too far from the road (my back is to it as I sat on the ground facing them).

The driver passed slowly; I waved; the horses moved a little farther away.

We returned to napping and lounging. 🙂

How she glows

7 10 2020

Making every shade of brown look drab in comparison, the lovely Madison glows on an autumn evening in Spring Creek Basin.

How DOES she look so beautiful in her wildness?

One cannot presume to think like mustangs … but I’m fairly sure their curiosity about us humans does not include such thoughts of how amazingly beautiful we are. 😉

Here ‘n there

6 10 2020

Skywalker was mostly grazing along, nonchalantly following a couple of bands. As long as they were in sight, he didn’t seem to feel the need to be too close (and the bands’ stallions made sure he DIDN’T get too close).

Dude is totally chill. 🙂

Shady sweeties

5 10 2020

These dark beauties are bright spots at the edge of evening shade.

Cassidy Rain is standing in a shallow arroyo that Raven had already crossed.