Cliff walker

16 07 2017


Seven walks a trail down to Spring Creek, which wasn’t flowing … but would run – just a little bit – a couple of days after this photo was taken.

Why did Seven walk the cliff to cross the creek?

To visit the bands on the other side, of course! 🙂

Red lady

15 07 2017


We’ve had some rain.

We still have gnats.

In case you wondered. 🙂

Of course, the beauty is worth the beasts!

Little handsome

14 07 2017

Maiku; Temple Butte and Brumley Point

Maiku struck a handsome pose just below some icons just after some (more) rain. 🙂

Third-day-in a-row rain.

It’s mahhhhhhhvelous, dahlings!

I think it’s already greener.

Big country

13 07 2017


Shane seems to be taking in the beauty of her world. And why not? It’s beautiful … and it’s home.

Finally, wet stuff

12 07 2017


In the illustration above, you can see heavy rain directly smack dab right on top of Spring Creek Basin. The long yellow-red blob in the middle of the screen covers the far eastern part of the basin (and more). 🙂

This is the first honest-to-goodness RAIN in 53 days.

It was pretty awesome. 🙂 It’s a huge relief.

Trio of sweet

11 07 2017

Terra, Piedra and Aurora

Sassy girls Aurora, Terra and Piedra enjoy a breeze that (mostly) kept the gnats away.


10 07 2017


What’s Comanche so happy about?

Spring Creek Basin got sprinkles. 🙂

(That “hazy” grey background is sprinkly stuff. Not exactly “rain” … but gettin’ there.)

And the weatherman says we might be on track to finally get our monsoons. The rain can’t come soon enough. Lots and lots of fires are burning throughout the West. The one nearest to Disappointment Valley may have gotten dampened by some rain on Saturday.

Prayers are with all who are evacuated from their homes and/or closely watching fires in or near their communities.