Great brown expanse

14 04 2018

Hollywood's band

Two days of howling wind, and we didn’t even get any moisture out of it.

It’s dry.

Rain dances appreciated.



13 04 2018


Storm seems proud of himself as he walks back to his band after warning another stallion away from his mares.


12 04 2018


She likes to try to escape the camera, too. 🙂

How did the mustang cross the rocky wash?

11 04 2018


Like a mustang.

Duh. 🙂


He was very particular about where he placed his hooves, and he tested the placement of that hoof a couple of times before he stepped across.


He completed the crossing by lunging up the other side, and brush got in the way, so this is the last best photo.

Mustangs = sure-footed. 🙂

Up, up they go

10 04 2018

Comanche's band, west end of Knife Edge

We don’t have normal mustangs in Spring Creek Basin. We have mountain-climbing mustangs!

They did eventually graze their way down to “lower pastures.” … Comanche’s band wasn’t the only band testing their mountain hooves. Hollywood’s band was in a place that looked even more precarious. They were even farther, though, and harder to photograph.

They’re looking, looking, looking for the precious – and precious little – green coming up this spring.

They’re BFFs, too

9 04 2018

Piedra and Kestrel

Piedra and Kestrel are long-time friends. They haven’t always been in the same band, but I think they grew up together. Interesting where life takes us. Them. 🙂 Any of us.


8 04 2018

Storm; Brumley Point

We’ve had grey skies lately. Tonight – Saturday night – we’re reaping the rewards of those clouds: RAIN.

Life-giving and so needed.