The loveliness of wild

8 08 2018


Free and beautiful Temple moseys across Spring Creek Basin with her band on a smoky evening.

Thank you, everyone, for your wishes for rain for our area. Much, much appreciated … !


Summer of same

7 08 2018

Sunset over Disappointment Valley.

Still hot.

Still dry.

Still smoky.

Handsome is …

6 08 2018

Skywalker, S'aka

… And Skywalker certainly fits the bill!  Love his curiosity!

Against the light

5 08 2018


Any mustang. … Every mustang.

All precious to those who value freedom.

Public domain, blessedly beautiful

4 08 2018

Tenaz; Spring Creek canyon

Tenaz surveys his world against a backdrop of Spring Creek canyon, lower Disappointment Valley and Utah beyond.

Also bright

3 08 2018


At sunset, these redheads glow!

Also, nice “do,” Tesora. 🙂

Bright girl

2 08 2018

Gaia; McKenna Peak

Copper Gaia is a glowing spot of color on a hazy, smoky day.