28 05 2020

Temple and Madison glow in evening’s last light. I don’t know where they found the mud, but I’m glad to see it!

Little girl, big impact

27 05 2020

Some of our littlest friends have the biggest presence. Sweet Spirit always makes us smile.

Golden boy

26 05 2020

The stallion, the myth, the legend.

Hollywood of Spring Creek Basin.

Handsome. 🙂

Memorial Day

25 05 2020

Service and sacrifice.

Today, we honor those who died fighting for American freedoms.

Too many men and women, during too many generations, too many wars and conflicts.

We honor those who served and sacrificed, and we remember why. Here, especially, where we value freedom, we remember why.

Great big heart

24 05 2020

Our Corazon heads into the wind on a glowing evening.

Across the top

23 05 2020

The day I took this pic was yet another red-flag-warning day (strong winds, low humidity, warm temps – ripe for high fire danger), but Gaia looks unruffled as she follows the band while grazing along the top of a hill.

Gaia emerged from winter looking a bit lean and scruffy, but with a diet of even sparse spring greens, she’s looking very healthy.


22 05 2020

Cute doesn’t get much cuter than bunny rabbits! This little critter hung out with me a few evenings ago while I was out with Killian’s band. 🙂