Greater distance

22 03 2020


Way out yonder, wild horses graze. Our most recent little weather system brought some snow to the higher places above the east-southeast side of the basin. But the waves of infrequent, light rain we got a few days ago is all we’ve had here in the lower elevations. What’s that all about? The dry lands could use some more moisture.

Great distance

21 03 2020


Skywalker the hefty looks back at a band that rebuffed his advances. He appears to be disappointed that they’re practicing distancing-from-bachelors of at least 60 feet.

Bright spots

20 03 2020


Puzzle and Spirit were a sight for sore eyes under mostly cloudy skies a couple of days ago. Despite intermittent waves of light rain (OK, sprinkles, really), I was able to get out to see them in a place with a pretty nice background.

Happy spring. 🙂

Hanging on

19 03 2020


I’m not sure these cell-phone pix will do this amazing tree justice.



The coronavirus pandemic affects every single one of us. While we’re distancing ourselves socially to help prevent the spread of the virus, especially to those most vulnerable because of age or other health issues, this is a time for compassion.

I found this juniper tree clinging to vertical status in a main arroyo in the southeastern part of Spring Creek Basin. It seems a minor miracle that it’s still rooted and upright. Think of the weight. Think of the floods this arroyo has seen. Think of the erosion, clump by clump, that has removed soil from the wall of this arroyo. How many decades or centuries has this tree been growing here?

We should not forget the interlacing of our branches and roots. We are connected. Even in these most wild of places.

Calm before the rain?

18 03 2020


The Denver news weather woman talked about coming weather that might feel more like winter than spring. … Like that would be a bad thing, especially because we in the southwestern corner of the state are wondering who stole our winter.

Bring the rain, bring the snow! Just bring the MOISTURE!

C’mon in

17 03 2020


Spring Creek canyon sure looks inviting behind Maiku, doesn’t it? A place begging to be explored.

We have rain again in our forecast. As always, we’re hopeful.


16 03 2020


The wind yesterday was definitely NOT on mute; it was howling. Must be spring in Colorado.