3 bay buds

8 03 2013

Apollo, Tenaz and Aspen. Hayden also is with the bachelor band.

Left to right: Apollo (almost 2), Tenaz (almost 3) and Aspen (9-ish or older). Sorrel Hayden (3) also is with the group of bachelor pals.

The misters had been with elder Poco earlier. It was good to see him for the first time after the winter. He looks pretty good – and if I’d gotten to them earlier, I might have had a pic of FOUR bay buds!



4 responses

8 03 2013

Is that Apollo, Tenaz and Aspen?

8 03 2013

Yes! Thanks. 🙂 I got ’em right in the “categories.”

8 03 2013

That was fast! 🙂

8 03 2013

I was on the computer between filling-water-trough runs. 😉

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