Bold boy faces

29 04 2013


Oh these boys!

Duke and Kreacher were right near the road during a recent visit, and they and I could see Hayden, Tenaz, Apollo and Killian out on the flats not far away. (Yep, the young boys are back together; Aspen was alone and way to the east.) I took some pix of Duke and Kreacher for documentary purposes – they’re looking very hale and hearty – but didn’t think I’d walk out to youngsters.

They had other ideas! They galloped over to greet Duke and Kreacher!

Hayden, the oldest of the young, stopped to chat with Duke and Kreacher. There was a great deal of squealing and striking and rearing and biting and head waving and pooping of and sniffing of poop (heh). The younger three youngsters walked on by, then stopped to hang out with me!

That Tenaz, 3, is the spitting image of his daddy Hollywood. I can so see him as a future band stallion. He has a wise look, doesn’t he? (That’s him at left.) Apollo is just 2 this year (sired by Kreacher), and Killian, looking small and young beside them, also is 2 (they will be, in May).

When Hayden and the elder boys had concluded their discussions, Hayden walked (he might have strutted) over to the boys and tried to get someone else to play with him. Mostly unsuccessfully.

Look out girls. These handsome misters are growing up!



6 responses

29 04 2013
Prairie girl

Along with spring, this picture makes me smile!!!
Thanks, TJ!!

29 04 2013
Lynn and Kathy

Nice shot! We always hoped that Tenaz would acquire Holls” great looks – a band stallion one day? Wow, that would be awesome! Maybe you’ll get a chance to post a body shot of him sometime?! Thanks for another great story! 🙂

30 04 2013

Stand by. 🙂

30 04 2013
Puller Lanigan

Love the expression on Tenaz’ face. Bucolic. Killian looks like such a baby next to Apollo. Was he a late baby? Or just taking his time?

30 04 2013

Killian was born five days after Apollo. His mama is quite a bit smaller than Raven (Apollo’s mama).

30 04 2013

Glad to see they are keeping each other company again. I guess that could all change again. They are beautiful boys.

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