Snow ponies

26 12 2012

When first spotted last week, only Raven, Skywalker and Sundance were visible. Kootenai, in her photo in a previous post, is so alert because I had just come over a rise and found her and Mysterium. They were out of sight until I was right above them.

Raven and Skywalker in the snow.

Mama and mini-me – Raven and Skywalker.


Handsome Sundance. He really does have eyes under that gorgeous forelock!

Mysterium still is nursing from mama Kootenai!

Yes, Mysterium still is nursing.

Raven, Skywalker and Sundance watched Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands below them on the hill for a while, then followed me to where Koootenai and Mysterium were grazing by themselves. Kootenai is fairly independent and often can be found grazing somewhat separate from the others. They’re never too far away, and young Sundance is a calm and confident stallion to let them wander.


21 12 2012

Some friends – two couples – recently celebrated anniversaries. Same day. Twenty-six years and 18 years.

Kootenai and Sundance

Couldn’t help but think of them when I caught this quick moment between Kootenai and Sundance.

Happy (belated) anniversary, friends!

Raven & Skywalker

24 09 2012

Like mama, like son.

I could post photos of this handsome pair every day! Look how shiny and beautiful Raven is. And that Skywalker is a big boy! His size reminds me of Apollo, but he doesn’t look much like his big brother.

Do you see the far hill in the background? That’s aspen gold. How can it possibly be fall already?! But the season is turning … my favorite!

OK, one more. That Skywalker! Love his expressions!

How about one with stepdaddy Sundance for good measure? And this angle shows mama’s and son’s spots. Can you see better from this side how Skywalker is greying around his spot?

The background from this angle shows where McKenna Peak Wilderness Study Area overlaps Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area – and we’re standing in part of the herd management area that also is part of the WSA. The big hill is the lower flanks of Brumley Point. Our boundary fence basically comes down that far right side. The WSA continues on eastish and northish (and southish from this vantage). Round Top and north are leftish.

That’s a lot of -ish.

No -ish, ands or buts about it, this boy is straight up CUTE!

Sunny D

23 09 2012

While looking for Chipeta, I found some familiar faces in an unfamiliar place!

OK, not THAT unfamiliar! But within the basin, I didn’t expect to see these ponies in this place … though it might explain why I haven’t seen them in more familiar places within the basin lately.

Sundance and his family were behind Round Top. In fact, they were right where I’ve seen the pintos recently.

Before I saw them, I saw David and Shadow. But my route to check Chipeta didn’t go close enough to get pix of that pair. They look good, though. Shiny and healthy, even from a distance.

And Sundance’s crew look great, too! Will have more pix.


7 09 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I had a magical evening in Spring Creek Basin with the horses, particularly Grey’s band, then Sundance’s band up on a hill in the north, above Wildcat Valley. It was one of those evenings that stands out in years of magical evenings. A storm was breaking up to the west, at sunset, and the beams of sunlight streaming through the clouds was simply glorious.

Sundance, kissed by light.

Looking out on the basin over Skywalker’s back. When I said they were up on the north hills, they were UP.

I thought I had taken pix out across the basin, but I have just this one …

Looking down at Grey’s band.

What’s not to love?

Be the light you wish to see in the world.

How are YOU inspired?

Tolerance (stallion perspective)

20 08 2012

I got to watch young Skywalker trying to get stepdaddy Sundance to play recently. And I had to laugh at the way it “ended.”

First “invitation” to play.

Sundance responded half-heartedly, which led to Skywalker baby clacking, and Sundance resumed his grazing. This was the second invitation.

So Sky launches the tried-and-true tactic of babies everywhere: Go for the hocks.

Sundance’s response. Again, half-hearted (there was no actual kicking involved).

But Sky now is wise to papa’s avoidance, and he continues (maybe he recently made acquaintance with Badger at the spring?) until Sundance indulges him.

At which point, baby runs straight to Mama. 🙂

I hope this brings a chuckle to your day!


10 08 2012

How – I have to ask – does one end up with a prickly pear pad – complete with spines! – in one’s forelock?!

Above the sun

20 07 2012

Already under shadow:

The sun had nearly sunk below the hill Sundance’s band was on, casting them into shade. Pretty (dirty) girl Mysterium is looking over at mama Kootenai while stepdaddy Sundance looks up from grazing in the background.

Raven & Sundance

3 07 2012

Such a feeling of peace in this image.

Simply grazing, but I love when they make their way so close to each other, easy in their proximity.

Beautiful evening.

Beautiful light.

Beautiful mustangs.

(Step) daddy-daughter time

30 06 2012

Sundance and Mysterium

What a good stepdaddy he is. 🙂