Raven & Skywalker

24 09 2012

Like mama, like son.

I could post photos of this handsome pair every day! Look how shiny and beautiful Raven is. And that Skywalker is a big boy! His size reminds me of Apollo, but he doesn’t look much like his big brother.

Do you see the far hill in the background? That’s aspen gold. How can it possibly be fall already?! But the season is turning … my favorite!

OK, one more. That Skywalker! Love his expressions!

How about one with stepdaddy Sundance for good measure? And this angle shows mama’s and son’s spots. Can you see better from this side how Skywalker is greying around his spot?

The background from this angle shows where McKenna Peak Wilderness Study Area overlaps Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area – and we’re standing in part of the herd management area that also is part of the WSA. The big hill is the lower flanks of Brumley Point. Our boundary fence basically comes down that far right side. The WSA continues on eastish and northish (and southish from this vantage). Round Top and north are leftish.

That’s a lot of -ish.

No -ish, ands or buts about it, this boy is straight up CUTE!



3 responses

27 09 2012
Pat Amthor

Oh my! What fabulous scenes! You are right, the two together are amazing! Skywalker is surely graying and the spot is stretching!

27 09 2012
nicole vinson

So very sad to read about sable and the others in yesterday’s paper. I can only imagine your feelings seeing them. I hope.they can have a quick recovery and find better homes. I would love to have sable I always had my eyes.on her.

27 09 2012
Lynn and Kathy

Guess we don’t understand this post… hope everything is OK. Please let us know if any help is needed…

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