Snow ponies

26 12 2012

When first spotted last week, only Raven, Skywalker and Sundance were visible. Kootenai, in her photo in a previous post, is so alert because I had just come over a rise and found her and Mysterium. They were out of sight until I was right above them.

Raven and Skywalker in the snow.

Mama and mini-me – Raven and Skywalker.


Handsome Sundance. He really does have eyes under that gorgeous forelock!

Mysterium still is nursing from mama Kootenai!

Yes, Mysterium still is nursing.

Raven, Skywalker and Sundance watched Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands below them on the hill for a while, then followed me to where Koootenai and Mysterium were grazing by themselves. Kootenai is fairly independent and often can be found grazing somewhat separate from the others. They’re never too far away, and young Sundance is a calm and confident stallion to let them wander.



5 responses

26 12 2012

How old is Sundance, TJ?

26 12 2012

I’m not completely sure, but younger than 10, I think. Around 9 is my best guess.

27 12 2012
Valerie Tan

Through your photos/blog I have fallen in love with these horses. You are so blessed to live close to these magnificent animals, and they are so lucky to have someone like you to watch for them.

27 12 2012

Thank you so much for loving our Spring Creek Basin mustangs. They are such incredible creatures. I AM blessed, you are so right! It is an absolute truth that they have changed my life. I can’t imagine life without them!

29 12 2012
Pat Amthor

Skywalker is growing up and looking so handsome!

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