7 09 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I had a magical evening in Spring Creek Basin with the horses, particularly Grey’s band, then Sundance’s band up on a hill in the north, above Wildcat Valley. It was one of those evenings that stands out in years of magical evenings. A storm was breaking up to the west, at sunset, and the beams of sunlight streaming through the clouds was simply glorious.

Sundance, kissed by light.

Looking out on the basin over Skywalker’s back. When I said they were up on the north hills, they were UP.

I thought I had taken pix out across the basin, but I have just this one …

Looking down at Grey’s band.

What’s not to love?

Be the light you wish to see in the world.

How are YOU inspired?



4 responses

7 09 2012

Great Photos TJ!! I can’t get enough of the horses! as he gets older I see that sundance is looking more and more like his sire Steeldust

7 09 2012

Yes! And thank you for reminding me. That evening, I got my first really clear glimpse of Steeldust-in-Sundance. Really confirmed for me that Steeldust was, in fact, Sundance’s sire. I think Sundance is even more handsome. I wonder whether Luna was his dam, as I think she was. She gave him quite a bit of refinement.

7 09 2012

yes you are very right! I think she was…. back when you started watching them , how did Luna behave with Sundance and butch, what about Mahogany ?? but who ever his mother she certainly gave him her looks!!

10 09 2012

I think Mahogany is Butch’s dam.

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