10 08 2012

How – I have to ask – does one end up with a prickly pear pad – complete with spines! – in one’s forelock?!



2 responses

11 08 2012

New look? ‘Cuz when you have hair as long as some of these guys and ya know, you reach down to scratch your leg or grab a tasty morsel, it kinda hitches a ride on your forelock and you then kinda shake your head to get rid of it….and well, there ya go. New look. 😉

11 08 2012

Ha. Yeah … I wanted so badly to gently pick it out for him – especially when I realized what it was! I thought at first that it was a cone from a pinon or juniper (which one has cones? must be the pinon – nuts). But then I realized there were spines. Poor guy. New look, indeed!

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