Tolerance (stallion perspective)

20 08 2012

I got to watch young Skywalker trying to get stepdaddy Sundance to play recently. And I had to laugh at the way it “ended.”

First “invitation” to play.

Sundance responded half-heartedly, which led to Skywalker baby clacking, and Sundance resumed his grazing. This was the second invitation.

So Sky launches the tried-and-true tactic of babies everywhere: Go for the hocks.

Sundance’s response. Again, half-hearted (there was no actual kicking involved).

But Sky now is wise to papa’s avoidance, and he continues (maybe he recently made acquaintance with Badger at the spring?) until Sundance indulges him.

At which point, baby runs straight to Mama. 🙂

I hope this brings a chuckle to your day!



4 responses

21 08 2012

Cute, it did make me smile, thank you!

23 08 2012

Too cute!! I watched a yearling doe this morning rear up and smack her forelegs on the rump of a large buck in an effort to get him to move. I fully expected the worst, but he turned to see what had attacked and then brandished his antlers at her. Her eyes got huge and she skittered off.;

24 08 2012
Pat Amthor

Thanks! Have been wildly busy! Skywalker is changing color! Looking good! Love the play!! And you caught it perfectly!

26 08 2012

I love this stage when the babies start playing, especially with the daddies!

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