Some lovin’

9 04 2013

Skywalker and stepdaddy Sundance

Well, it looks like some lovin’, but it was Skywalker’s sneaky (yeah, right) attempt to get stepdaddy Sundance to play with him. Which didn’t happen. The grass was too much to pass up for play time.

This doesn’t show Skywalker’s belly in all its little-boy roundness, but he looks about as round as his mama Raven and “auntie” Kootenai. I’ll post some pix of the girls soon and let YOU all be the judges. Maybe so, maybe no? They should be, they might be, they ought to be. We ought to see soon enough.

Raven still was nursing Skywalker a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t see him nurse in the short time I spent with them on this particular evening. She does seem round … but not huge? Same with Kootenai, who did not have a foal last year (not that survived), but who otherwise might not be due until August. Healthy, they are most definitely.


WE GOT RAIN! Marvelous, glorious, lovely rain. Picture the world green. My favorite color.

Somebody upstairs is finally givin’ us some lovin’. And we are grateful!



2 responses

9 04 2013
Prairie girl

Great news, all the way around, TJ!
Maybe a baby in August? Wouldn’t I love to see that!! 😉

11 04 2013

I’ll keep you updated!

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