Compare the hair

29 05 2013

Sundance and Comanche compare hair.

Sundance and Comanche have a little after-dinner chat. Who knew stallions were really talking about their “do’s” – as in hair-do’s – when they get together. (We all thought they were talking about their mares’ do’s!)

Smile, and enjoy your day. 🙂



5 responses

29 05 2013
Puller Lanigan

I love Comanche’s dark points, but in that light, Sundance looks like a Rose Grey!

29 05 2013

Sundance IS a rose grey! When I first saw him and Butch in Steeldust’s band, they were very young – and “pink”! I thought Sundance was a filly/mare at first because he was so slightly built. Look at him now! They were young then, maybe 2 or so. Comanche has greyed out from being a soft brown-grey – exactly like Piedra (who also was with Steeldust’s band originally) and Mouse, who was a young bachelor with Comanche at the time. And just like Killian now.

29 05 2013

What a beautiful shot. I love Sundance’s color. Comanche is great also.

29 05 2013
Pat Amthor

What motion!!

29 05 2013
kay bryan

That is a gorgeous shot of some very handsome equines. Really striking. You did good!

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