Kisses in snow

28 01 2013

Chipeta gets some love from daughter Seneca.

Baby Seneca is about 4 months old now. Still giving mama kisses. 🙂

Note the lack of snow on the hill in the background. This weekend, we got rain – RAIN! In January! But we do not complain about moisture in any form, even though it has left the area a soggy, sodden, saturated, simply wonderfully wet mess! Hopefully the  great amount of moisture will seep into the thirsty earth before the cold returns and turns mudville into ice-central!



2 responses

28 01 2013

What a lovely mother daughter pic. How do the horses handle the soggy ground?

28 01 2013

They take it in stride – literally! They slip and slide, but there’s not much to do but deal with it until the ground dries or it snows again. They definitely live in the moment.

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