Family ties

10 12 2012

In honor of young Mr. Asher, some photos of his family:

Ty, daddy of Asher and Seneca.

Daddy Ty

Chipeta and Seneca, Asher's mama and little sister.

Mama Chipeta and baby sister Seneca

She is going grey much faster than brother Asher. Long-legged beautiful ponies!

Kissed by light

29 11 2012

And mama. 🙂

Mama Chipeta and her baby girl, Seneca. Look how big she has grown!

So clearly going grey!

Sweet baby

13 11 2012

Seneca gives mama Chipeta some lovin’. Just past sunset.

We did get some rain and snow in Disappointment Valley/Spring Creek Basin. Don’t want to be greedy, but we’ll take more!

Light by four

10 11 2012


Maiku, Reya and Corazon grazing against the light.

In landscape photography, shooters are advised to not forget about the scenery behind them. How often do you hear someone explain a photo by saying, “I was shooting the sunset, when I looked behind me and saw something even better”?

When I turned around to check the horses behind me and saw the above scene, it wasn’t exactly better than what was in front of me …

… 🙂

But it all was worth seeing!


Dinner with a view

8 11 2012

Baby Seneca and mama Chipeta have reserved a lovely spot for dinner at sunset! That’s Brumley Point looming large in the background.

Seneca is strong and healthy and growing fast!


5 11 2012

Spent a beautiful evening with these critters:

Daddy Ty, baby Seneca and mama Chipeta. Such a handsome family!

Seneca is looking strong and healthy. The forecast shows snow for Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed; we need the moisture BADLY.

I *heart* this family

11 10 2012

And why not?

Small family. Big love.

Brumley’s shadow

30 09 2012

Brumley Point is one of our easily indentifiable landmarks, and it sits on our southeastern boundary, which means it also is located in McKenna Peak Wilderness Study Area, and it’s fairly close to both McKenna Peak and the unnamed promontory.

Chipeta and Seneca, and daddy Ty napping in the background. Copper was napping farther back and to the left. And Brumley rising above them.


30 09 2012

Copper, muddy.

He goes back and forth between the pintos and the pintos. Hmm. Only Chipeta is pinto in her mini-band. She’s keeping her little girl safely separate. They were fairly close to Corazon and co. the other day when we saw them from the road. But when Ty came into view, Copper decided to have a visit.

Mama Chipeta, baby Seneca and “uncle” Copper.

Ty was closer and to the right.

Copper moved to this spot, and then they all took naps. Little Seneca laid down, flat out and nearly hidden by the grasses, sage and saltbush. They stayed in their respective positions until David and Shadow came to visit.

Mama, daddy, baby girl

29 09 2012

Cutest family portrait lately. 🙂

Some friends dropped by to greet the baby, and all of Ty’s protective instincts surged to the fore. What friends? I’ve seen them but haven’t posted any pix in quite a while. Will soon!