Two with spots

19 12 2012

On a cold, windy day devoid of snow and sunshine, these two brightened my day:


Maiku, right, is both S’aka’s older brother (same sire, Copper) and uncle (brother of S’aka’s mother, Reya, through their mother, Kiowa). They look like their sister/mother/grandmother. She left her stamp.



2 responses

19 12 2012

Hi, I love your photos. I was just wondering if you might have any photos on the hooves of the horses? I live in sweden and there is quite a discussion on how wild horses hooves look like (barefoot vs. shood horses), but we don´t have any wild horses here. Is that something you could consider putting on your blog?

19 12 2012

Absolutely! I posted a pic of Hannah’s hooves last year … can’t remember exactly when. Before the roundup. They were on a road, and I had a clear view, unobstructed by the usual vegetation. I love their hooves, though the closest I usually see them is their perfect prints in the dirt! I’ll look back for those pix and post them again. Thanks for visiting from Sweden! Do you write the blog about the Nokota horses? I try to check in and catch up as often as possible.
*** Update: Well, a quick search of last year’s blog pix didn’t turn up the photo I’m thinking about, so I’ll have to dig a little deeper. Maybe it was in 2010. I’ll keep looking!

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