Not the best white stuff

21 02 2022

Most unfortunately, the white stuff on the ground below Maia is not snow. It’s salt that comes up through the soil here.

But hey, eyes up here! Maia is most deserving of admiring glances, not the dry ground. 🙂 And her “white stuff” is pretty much the best stuff.

We have rain/snow in our forecast starting today and going through Wednesday. All good wishes for us to ACTUALLY get moisture are welcome!



8 responses

21 02 2022
Karen Ann Schmiede

Praying for some real wet white stuff!

23 02 2022

Thank you, Karen!

21 02 2022

Fingers/toes crossed, and doing the rain dance for Disappointment Valley and for my area too. We’re extremely dry ☹️

23 02 2022

Thank you! Looks like you guys might have gotten some moisture? Hope so!!

21 02 2022
Sue E. Story

Praying that this storm actually happens. In the meantime, Maia’s “white” is a beautiful thing.

23 02 2022

Boy howdy, is it happening! 🙂 We could do without the wind … but even horizontal snow is better than no snow. 🙂

22 02 2022

Hope moisture comes your way!

23 02 2022

Thanks, Pat. Hope you guys get more than a skiff!

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