So welcome

18 02 2022

That’s not a trick of the light, and unless you’re completely distracted by the lovely Gaia, you see the snow on McKenna Peak and the snow on the ground at her hooves.

That’s right, folks: For the first time in more than a very long month and a half, we got snow. Moisture, in any form, is extremely much super very totally needed this winter, and although it wasn’t a whole heckuva lot, it was *something* … and we need a whole lotta wet somethings. News broke this week that “the megadrought gripping the American West is so severe that it’s become the driest two decades in the region in at least 1,200 years – and drought conditions will likely persist for years.”

Yikes. (And a bunch of other swear words.)

The snow dampened the excruciatingly long dust trails raised by vehicles on local roads, but by mid-afternoon, those local roads were dry or nearly so. In potentially other good news, next week brings some more chances for snow. Please keep your fingers crossed for us, and dance a dance or two. 🙂

Lean on me

17 02 2022

Everybody needs a shoulder to lean on. 🙂

Bright white

16 02 2022

Spa days are nice, but Chipeta knows the value of keeping her whites bright!

That gold, good gold

15 02 2022

The tawny color of the landscape is getting increasingly bleak, but although Kestrel’s tawny coat is similar, it’s … well, better. 🙂

A couple of dear hearts

14 02 2022

Sundance and one of his new mares drink at a pond with the day’s last light glowing on them. Look closely, and you can see his mane draped over her neck as she’s drinking from the same hole in the ice at the edge of the pond. 🙂

Two views, two pretties

13 02 2022

Pretty little Spirit mirrors Temple Butte.

But wait. … Who’s that in the background?

She’s not one to steal the spotlight, our Houdini. … Fortunately for us, she can’t *escape* the spotlight every now and then. 🙂


12 02 2022

Buckeye and Dundee wait for Rowan and Aiyanna to mosey down the trail that will take them to a pond for their evening drink under a moody sky. … Moody but not moisture-bearing.

Lazy days of … winter?!

11 02 2022

Grey, grey and brown. Fortunately, the greys help take our minds off the browns!

Pretty days now, though, are gonna make for some hard days to come this summer. …

Light ‘n lovely

10 02 2022

Sundance and his lovelies gather at the neighborhood watering hole with the folks from down the way.

Bright boy

9 02 2022

There’s a whole lotta brown out there in Spring Creek Basin these days. And because these days are in February, that’s a cause for a fair bitta concern.

Fortunately, we have Hollywood to liven up the scene. 🙂