When the pronghorn run

26 02 2022

Rowan, Aiyanna, Dundee and Buckeye were enthralled by the sight of four pronghorn bucks running through the snow below their hill.

I was enthralled by these mustang beauties. 🙂



10 responses

26 02 2022

That boy has quite a beautiful “harem” of girls!! Good looking family.

27 02 2022

Yes, he does, and yes, they are. 🙂

26 02 2022
Karen Ann Schmiede

Beautiful group!

27 02 2022

They’re the dashing new “it” band in the basin! 😉

26 02 2022

They sure are looking good !

27 02 2022

Yes! Fuzzy and fluffy and bright. I love them. 🙂

26 02 2022
Sue E. Story

They are an impressive group! This is such a great photo, TJ.

27 02 2022

Aren’t they amazing!? 🙂 We’re so grateful for these girls. I’m glad Buckeye was the one to end up with them!

28 02 2022

They are so fun to watch! The horses and the pronghorn!

1 03 2022

I fully agree! 🙂

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