The green from rain

21 08 2021

This particular day wasn’t as smoky as some others have been, but in lieu of rain clouds, we’ve been missing our clear Colorado skies. Reya makes up for the distant dinge with her lovely mustang self as she hoofs it back toward her band as another band approaches.

Most of the green in this image is greasewood and four-wing saltbush; both types of vegetation provide valuable browse for the mustangs.

As of this post, we’ve had some really lovely rain again, so hopefully our blue, smoke-free skies aren’t far away!

No mystery about her beauty

20 08 2021

Mysterium-mare joins the ranks of mustangs with mystery mane clippings. Being one of the loveliest of mares, however, she kept a feminine touch with the three little fairy braids, which only accentuate her wild beauty. 🙂

Water from fire

19 08 2021

In remote Disappointment Valley, partnerships not only are valuable, they can be life-saving.

Our Spring Creek Basin mustangs got a boost in the water department from three different “departments” of wildfire-fighting crews recently. They had water left over from fighting a small fire (thank you!), and they very graciously offered the remaining water in two engines to the horses, pumping about 900 gallons of water onto one of the aprons at the main catchment.

On behalf of our mustangs, thank you VERY MUCH for your firefighting and for the gift of water for our mustangs!

From Cortez Fire Protection District: Matt and Brad.

From the Angelina, Sabine and Davy Crockett national forests and National Forests and Grasslands in Texas: Paul, Aurora, Danny, James and Jonesy – and Tracy (sp?), who’s working here as a dispatcher. They’re “on loan” to the Forest Service here in Colorado (Dolores Public Lands Office), replacing the previous crew (hi also to Matt, David and Marie!). Their connection is a firefighter named Bear, who came with a small crew to tackle a small fire I reported a few years ago. Bear now is serving in Texas with the U.S. Forest Service. Small world!

From the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control: Chris, Jim and Cory.

Big shout out to all of these fine men and women who work long hours in back-of-beyond places. … I bet they don’t often get to see (and help!) wild horses while out on assignment! Thank you, thank you, thank you … from all of us who love the mustangs!

A different world

18 08 2021

Allow me to draw your attention away from the gorgeous mustang (the lovely Temple) and from the gorgeous background (McKenna Peak, Temple Butte, Knife Edge, Valentine Mesa … Spring Creek Basin) … and focus it on the green, green blades of galleta grass at the heart of it all.

Courtesy of Mother Nature and her monsoon rains of 2021. 🙂

Almost posed

17 08 2021

The queenly grey ladies of Spring Creek Basin. Thick as peas in a pod. I wonder what they’re thinking.

Happy anniversary, Mom & Dad!

16 08 2021

They’ve been married for 52 years today, but they’ve been together since they were teenagers, showing horses in regional shows in northwestern Ohio. Lots of years, lots of miles, lots of states and one foreign country – and that’s just where we lived. Uncle Sam sent them all over the country and my dad to a few other countries (as a family, we lived in Germany). We almost always had horses – or access to them – and since Dad’s retirement from the Army, they’ve had horses and cattle in Texas.

They’ve been partners through it all, working together for their family, their animals, their neighbors, their community.

I can’t wait to see them at the end of the month, when they travel to Colorado for a little relief from the Texas heat! 🙂

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! I love you both!

The handsome

15 08 2021



Really. What else is there to be said? 🙂


14 08 2021

Something beautiful from the smoky haze: mustangs alight in the golden glow of sunset.

Days of smoke

13 08 2021

As bad as the smoke has been in Southwest Colorado, I can’t imagine the conditions at the source in California, Oregon and elsewhere.

Bonus shot of Maiku because I liked his jaunty little tail flip. 🙂

Wandering grey

12 08 2021

Same area, different day (as Mariah in the post yesterday): Skywalker heads to the water trough for a satisfying drink of cool, clear rainwater collected by the basin’s main water catchment, built more than 20 years ago!