The green from rain

21 08 2021

This particular day wasn’t as smoky as some others have been, but in lieu of rain clouds, we’ve been missing our clear Colorado skies. Reya makes up for the distant dinge with her lovely mustang self as she hoofs it back toward her band as another band approaches.

Most of the green in this image is greasewood and four-wing saltbush; both types of vegetation provide valuable browse for the mustangs.

As of this post, we’ve had some really lovely rain again, so hopefully our blue, smoke-free skies aren’t far away!



4 responses

21 08 2021

More rain pleaseà

21 08 2021
Karen Ann Schmiede

Love those pintos!

21 08 2021

Hurrah for the rain ! Green is wonderful and so is Reya !

21 08 2021
Sue E. Story

Still some rain now and then, but it seems to alternate with smoke. Such a weird combination. I agree, TJ. When clouds go away, it would be nice to see real sky instead of smoke. But Reya makes any scene beautiful!

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