Water catchment: phase 4.9

26 07 2021

Do you suppose we’ll get to phase 5 soon!? … I think so. πŸ™‚ Close. We’re SO close!

Those wily BLM’ers – Mike Jensen and new dad Daniel Chavez – hustled out to the basin without alert or fanfare last week and finished attaching the rest of the propanel sheets to the roof structure.

The last time I’d seen it, when Garth Nelson and Jim Cisco were out to attach the gutter and install three of four pipes, the roof covered half the structure. Because of rain in our forecast, they wanted to get the gutter installed so we could start catching SOME water.

Sure is shady under there! And think of that whole span of rain-catching marvelousness!

Just the end tank has to be piped, then the trough installed (the pipe to its destination is already in the ground) and the structure fenced to keep curious ponies from rubbing on tanks and posts and pawing at lids.

And what the heck is this, you ask?! It might be the strangest, most mind-bending pic I’ve ever posted on this blog. That’s a reflection – in WATER – of me gripping tightly my cellphone at the open lid on TOP of one of the water tanks. See it now? Even standing on the valve cover, I couldn’t quite see into the dark depths. Although I turned on the “flashlight” of my phone, I’m not sure it worked very well; you can see what you *can* see only by virtue of a little Photoshope lightening of shadows. But when I looked at my phone, I knew by the “white dot” – the reflection – that there was water TO reflect my phone and the lid and the metal roof above: I knew there was WATER. πŸ™‚

Wow, wowza and zowie Marie. πŸ™‚ That itself was worth a little dance (and it’s a good thing no ponies or humans were around to witness!).

And YES! We got our biggest rain to date later that evening. Perfect timing, guys. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



8 responses

26 07 2021
Karen Schmiede

Glad for the moisture you got. A great big thank you to the great BLM guys for their hard work!

26 07 2021

Super glad! They’ve done amazing work, and the rain is an amazing relief. It’s not a lot, but anything is more than the nothing we’d been “getting”!

26 07 2021
Vicki Pardee

Fantastic work.
I would like to help.

26 07 2021

Thanks, Vicki! We’re just about done with this one, but there may be an opportunity to help with the next one. I’m not sure when we’ll start on that one. Later this year or next year.

26 07 2021

This work is incredible !!!

26 07 2021

It really is. Wait till you see it this fall!

26 07 2021
Sue E. Story

That catchment is really starting to look cool! And if our fortune continues – i.e. the real monsoon pattern we’re having – water will be pouring into that thing very soon! This is just wonderful.

26 07 2021

It’s almost all finished! And yes, *real monsoon pattern*!!!!!! I can’t believe it … after all the years of NOT having it. Such a relief and so wonderful!! Water is ALREADY in the tanks!!

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