Natural high

26 04 2020


Mysterium naps just below a ridge just below McKenna Peak. It was my first time in that particular area of Spring Creek Basin … but it probably won’t be my last.



5 responses

26 04 2020
Debbie Parish

Oh, the beauty, Mysterium, and there you are in the midst of it, adding peace and dimension to early spring color.

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26 04 2020


26 04 2020
Karen Schmiede

Another pic that would make a great puzzle!

26 04 2020
Sue Story

You and Mysterium are are like a couple of mountain goats in that steep terrain! 😊 And McKenna Peak looks awesome from where you are; no wonder this won’t be your last time in “that particular area!”

27 04 2020

Nap on a slant!

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