23 04 2020


Killian shows off his home on the range.

It looks inviting, doesn’t it? 🙂



9 responses

23 04 2020

Who cuts Killian’s mane? He needs to rethink that forelock look (although it is cute in a boyish way). Check out the windknots!

23 04 2020

All remarks on his choice of hair style aside, he is such a handsome guy!

23 04 2020

His mane is sort of a retro look! This photo could be a postcard 🙂

23 04 2020
Karen Schmiede

Handsome Dude!

23 04 2020

23 04 2020
Sue Story

This looks like a travel brochure pic…or a “wish you were here” postcard! 😊 Way to go Killian!

23 04 2020
Valerie Tan

It sure does!

24 04 2020

Perfect tour director!

24 04 2020

Sometimes the light hits the background hills and buttes and peaks in such a way that it looks like a painting or museum diorama. … Just too beautiful to be real! Fortunately, in our case, it’s 100 percent reality!

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