Faces we love

21 10 2017

Storm and Gaia

Onward we go!

Because we WANT TO, we CAN DO better for our mustangs and wild burros.

Apparently, that is a difficult concept. It does take time to turn the wheels of government. Over the course of nearly 46 years, we’ve gone from rotary-dial phones to computers in our pockets that are smart enough to take pictures and connect us with the world. But we can’t – can’t?! – seem to find ways to manage our wild horses and burros in balance with the interests that compete for the bounty of their homes.

Kudos to National Advisory Board members for recommending that BLM commit to $3 million in funding for fertility control in 2019. (By the way, PZP doesn’t cost $2,500 per dose per mare, and it certainly doesn’t have an efficacy of only 20 percent. PZP costs $27 per dose per mare, and my time and labor come free of charge. It has proven efficacy of more than 90 percent.)

Shame on them (with the exception of Ginger Kathrens, who is huge strength in a small package!) for recommending that tens of thousands of horses and burros be DESTROYED in order to cover up the ineptness of 46 years of poor management that enabled these iconic and beloved animals to be the scapegoat for the poorness of human-caused issues.

Whatever will they do when our mustangs and burros no longer exist to blame for the poor conditions of decades of overgrazing and otherwise poor management – not only within the Wild Horse and Burro Program?

Ranges without the magic of mustangs will be, simply, barren.

I am saddened.

But we are not defeated.

And I wake up grateful every day for OUR local BLM folks who work with us to ensure the health and longevity of our mustangs and their range.


20 10 2017

Hollywood; McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Are words even necessary?

BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program’s National Advisory Board meeting is over for another year. Has anything changed?

One look

19 10 2017


Is she simply, superbly, unimaginably gorgeous, or what?

She’s in her 30s, folks. The wisdom of that single, stunning, wild mare is unfathomable. I’d project even a fraction onto our law- and policy-makers if it were possible. Just imagine the huge reservoirs of wisdom lost via roundups. All pieces of unimaginable wild beauty … lost to the world that created them. Yes, we need to preserve the land that sustains them … but that is possible without destruction. Houdini is living proof.

In the shadow of the spotlight

18 10 2017


God surely loves all the wild horses. 🙂

The glory of the greys

17 10 2017

Maia, Alegre and Houdini

It IS possible for a heart to splinter into a million pieces of sheer joy and happiness. … All the better to share all that love.


16 10 2017


And here we have another landmark of Spring Creek Basin: wise Houdini-girl.

That ol’ wind

15 10 2017

Tenaz, McKenna Peak, Temple Butte

It has been pretty windy this fall. Tenaz fights a head wind as he follows his band beneath two of the great landmarks of Spring Creek Basin: McKenna Peak and Temple Butte.

Peaceful, easy feelin’

14 10 2017

Winona, La Sal Mountains

I wouldn’t look at the photographer, either, if I had grass like that. 🙂


13 10 2017

Corazon, Temple Butte

Corazon the stout-and-handsome watches his band graze the damp grasses after rain/snow in Spring Creek Basin.

We’re so thankful for any and all moisture … especially when it dries again so quickly.

I see you

12 10 2017


Killian watches another band while he protects his mares under the snowy ridges of the eastern side of Spring Creek Basin. Just doin’ what a wild stallion does – rain, shine or snow.  🙂