27 06 2017

Storm and Gaia, McKenna Peak and Temple Butte

Storm and Gaia take a quick pony nap in a rare bit of cloud-induced shade while Temple Butte and McKenna Peak are shining in the sunlight. Clouds are in short supply, and we relish every bit of shade that comes our way.



4 responses

27 06 2017
Sue Story

Now that’s what I call making the best of your time in the fleeting shade! Smart mustangs.

2 07 2017

And he got to watch his band through sleepy eyes as he stood so gorgeous against the background. 🙂

27 06 2017

This reminded me of my childhood when our family didn’t have a car and we walked everywhere in our town. On a beautiful day walking across town in the sun the shade provided by a cloud was such a sweet relief. You could see it coming and then you could see it leaving and the wish that it would accompany you on your way was just a fleeting thought.

2 07 2017

Absolutely! On these mostly-sunny days, we sure value any bit of shade that comes our way. 🙂

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