Stripey type

22 04 2016



Here’s another, closer look at Hollywood’s most excellent leg stripes.

This fantastic stallion represents introduced blood/genetics – his mother came to us from Sand Wash Basin. We’re pretty happy to have him. 🙂



4 responses

22 04 2016
Pat Amthor

Perfect peek! He is a beauty for sure with those genetics!

22 04 2016
Puller Lanigan

Magnificent! Who is his mom and any idea who she was out of from SWB?

24 04 2016

His dam was a mare I called Slate. She came in 2000 with two other 2-year-olds. Unfortunately, I don’t know her background in Sand Wash Basin, and I didn’t know her very long in Spring Creek Basin.

22 04 2016
Sue Story

Always love his “zebra” stripes. Great pic TJ!

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