26 04 2016



Here’s another hunky young(ish) stallion in Spring Creek Basin: Sundance.

The weather has been windy, and the wind makes it dry – drier, even, than normal – which is dry (!). Thankfully, we have rain in the forecast, and if the wind pushes the rain to us, well, we’ll take it!



6 responses

26 04 2016
Puller Lanigan

Nice lookin’ fellow! Bachelor?

26 04 2016

Not anymore. 🙂

26 04 2016

Hi TJ, who is Sundance hanging out with?

26 04 2016

A young mare and her yearling colt.

26 04 2016

He is amazing!

26 04 2016
Sue Story

He is such a beauty, TJ, and looking pretty noble in your great photo of him!

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