Daddy Chrome & Kwana

11 03 2013

Chrome and son Kwana.


Daddy’s spitting image

10 03 2013


Despite the color difference, young Tenaz looks strikingly like his sire, Hollywood. In particular, his eyes catch me every time as so much like his daddy’s.

Short stuff

9 03 2013


Mister Poco is looking pretty well after the winter.


He has some old-man aches and pains, but it’s good to see him hale and hearty and moving into spring.

3 bay buds

8 03 2013

Apollo, Tenaz and Aspen. Hayden also is with the bachelor band.

Left to right: Apollo (almost 2), Tenaz (almost 3) and Aspen (9-ish or older). Sorrel Hayden (3) also is with the group of bachelor pals.

The misters had been with elder Poco earlier. It was good to see him for the first time after the winter. He looks pretty good – and if I’d gotten to them earlier, I might have had a pic of FOUR bay buds!

Sunlit Shadow

7 03 2013


This pic just makes me smile. I caught this one image before she went back to grazing. From can’t-get-close when she was with David, to able to get pretty close when she was with Storm, to an intermediate, able-to-get-a-good-look-at-the-belly distance (and always grateful for a long lens). It’s all good.


6 03 2013

Maia and Mariah trotting back to mamas, end of the day.

Maia, in the lead, and Mariah trotting to mamas at the end of a gorgeous day. Note the little bit of snow still on the ground.

Maia and Mariah

In sync.

Mariah and Maia at sunset.

Everyone should end their days in the sun just like this: surrounded in wildness and beauty and the promise of nature.

Hello, my pretties!

4 03 2013

Gaia and Cassidy Rain!

The lovely Gaia and her gorgeous daughter, Cassidy Rain. They’re in Storm’s band with Roja and her almost-2-year-old colt, Killian.

It was a cloudy, stormy-looking day, but no moisture for Spring Creek Basin. The band was near the roller-coaster ridge pond, which has water, and closer to a big arroyo, which has water trickling downstream. And there’s still a bit of snow in that area (and mud on my boots to prove it!), which is reassuring.

Spotlight on Seven

3 03 2013


A cloud passed over the sun, then lifted just enough to light Seven against the still-shadowed background. Isn’t he handsome? His mane and tail have grown out again, and he’s so light … so much lighter than a few years ago. It happens with the greys, but I remember when he was much darker. 🙂

Another three

2 03 2013

Grey, Houdini and Mariah.

These three are part of Grey/Traveler’s band, which also includes Alegre and Maia.

End-of-the-day gorgeousity. Is there a more beautiful place in the world? You can’t convince me!

To the victor …

1 03 2013

Look who lost his girls:

Seven, Shadow and Puzzle

OK, technically, David isn’t in this pic, but it’s implied, right? Poor David is the los*er*, and the los*ees* now are with Seven!

Little Shadow girl is sporting a belly. She – 6 this year – really is smaller/shorter than 2.5-year-old Puzzle.

I saw this new band last week in a snow squall, but I didn’t go close enough to take pix (the Jeep was a long way away, and I didn’t know at the time that the blowing snow wouldn’t turn to sticking snow).

Puzzle looks a lot like her mama Chipeta.