Spotlight on Seven

3 03 2013


A cloud passed over the sun, then lifted just enough to light Seven against the still-shadowed background. Isn’t he handsome? His mane and tail have grown out again, and he’s so light … so much lighter than a few years ago. It happens with the greys, but I remember when he was much darker. 🙂



4 responses

4 03 2013

My neighbors mare was born almost black, she is now dapple grey/white, her legs look like sevens. I have watched her over the years as she has lighted up. I just love observing the changes.

9 03 2013

The greys are gorgeous in all shades of grey!

9 03 2013
Pat Amthor

Looks strong!

9 03 2013

He is! I like seeing him with a band … though I can’t help but wonder about David!

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