Daddy Chrome & Kwana

11 03 2013

Chrome and son Kwana.




5 responses

11 03 2013
Prairie girl

What an appropriate name for such an amazing beast, this papa.
You’ve captured the love
along with the sunshine and yarrow type grasses included.

11 03 2013

This is a gorgeous photo. It really does capture the love. Their is so much more to these wild horses, and your photos always convey that to me.

11 03 2013
george w doerre

I swear TJ, you’re a real live Epona

11 03 2013
Karen Schmiede

What a beautiful picture.

12 03 2013

Later, Kwana tried to get Daddy to play by chewing on his legs, his neck … Chrome was solid as a rock. He finally did start playing with Kwana – ever so gently. Daddies are so good with the babies!

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