More pintos

24 02 2012

It has been a strange winter, in a recent trend of weird winters. I haven’t actually driven into the basin in almost two months now. Partly mud (OK, lotsa partly), partly busy hiking other areas. Interestingly, I’ve seen the pintos much more this winter than any other band.

Here are some more pix from a couple of weeks ago, shortly after fresh snow (which is visible only on the background ridges).

Corazon with the unnamed promontory in the background.


Puzzle and mama Chipeta – love their spots.

Corazon and Maiku

Corazon, Puzzle and Chipeta

I think I’ve posted this one of Reya before, but I like it, so thought I’d include it again. 🙂



One response

24 02 2012
george w doerre

wow two comments in two days. i used up my monthly quote. had to say
special thanks tho…………………..”Indian Ponies” are my all time
favorites. great to see them thanks.

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