21 09 2011

All the BLM folks have been amazing. I’m not sure whether I should name them because I don’t want them to be targets any more than they already are, but they were excellent in all regards. We couldn’t have done anything that we did – and have done – without them. JD, WW, CC, TR, LA, JG, SB, LB, SW, JJ, MJ, HP, KW, SM, AB … thank you so much for your support and calm and level-headed approach – and for always thinking of the safety of the horses and humans. We appreciate you more than we can possibly express. We’re so grateful to have achieved what we have with your partnership, and we look forward to achieving our future goals with your help.

BLM has plans to re-seed the trapsite area, and that could happen as soon as next week.

Monday, after everything was over and everyone else was gone, I went back to basin.

If you go out looking for horses, be patient, use your binoculars, scan slowly and in seemingly unlikely places – and some of the same – and you will find them.

I saw Aspen almost right away (though I thought initially he was Duke, right in his home territory). Then Seven’s … Then black and grey – Bounce and Alegre?! Horses in trees … and below them … and nearby …

Bounce sticks out here … but he’s not with Alegre – he’s with Houdini. She’s right above the “C” in Creek.

While I was looking at them, I spotted another pair:

Right by the brown guzzler, Chrome and Hayden.

I went back around to where I’d seen horses in the hill, and that’s where the wild magic started to work its healing.

Traveler (back right) with Alegre (grey), Gaia (sorrel) and baby Aurora.

Tenaz and Corona. Tenaz was almost caught … Baylee was caught (she’s awaiting adoption – big, beautiful bay girl), and Storm gave observers a show when he galloped away right past them on the hill above the trapsite.

Watching the pintos …

Left to right: Reya (4), Maiku (1), Puzzle (1) and Chipeta. They’re a long way from “home” territory. Chipeta is the dam of the foal that has now been adopted. We don’t know how they got separated. The helicopter pilot was excellent about not even targeting the horses we asked him not to. That’s why he left the bunch alone when he realized they were with the youngest foal. What a story that foal could tell … I’m not even sure who the horses were that were with Chipeta’s band when the pilot did see the group. So all the pintos (and their hangers-on) are accounted for except stallion Corazon.

Here they are with Ty, who is now dominant over …

Copper, who is sticking with them.

I finally left them to find Seven’s and see whether Mona had had her foal yet. The pilot had seen “the pregnant mare” and of course left her alone. (We did see Kreacher’s band before the roundup even started – they ran across what would later be “the observation hill” with SUNDANCE immediately behind them and Kreacher following (?!). Chrome broke away from his band to follow them … leaving his band separated for quite a while (they were later captured all together). People were camped farther north on that hill at the time … we didn’t see the horses again. I am very eager to find them.

From left: Roja and Killian, Seven, Mona and Shane.

The lone bay turned out to be Aspen.

I also saw Shadow the end of the day Sunday – alone. But if I had to guess in normal circumstances where she might be, she was right there. Wind and Coal came to the trapsite with Iya and Cougar. Have not seen David.



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21 09 2011
maria chervenkova

Hello TJ
Is Mysterium alright?And do you know what will happen to Luna at Canon city ?

21 09 2011
Mar Wargo

Thanks, TJ. Yesterday came a terrible realization of the friends who have been taken away. Forever homes are the best and I am hoping those at Canon City will be found including the mare and foal who were sent there. The adoption will succeed I think. It seems more empty now but the familiar remain. Faces and names and family history. take care all.

21 09 2011
maria chervenkova

I also support bold statements,but I think it was dangerous for the helicopter.I am not pleased too,the round up claimed life.And there are 40 horses on this big range!?.That’s a Bullshit.I hate BLM no matter what some people say.It’s so sad that we wil neverl see many of our precious horses!

21 09 2011

Maria – I haven’t seen Mysterium’s band yet. They were not targeted by the helicopter at all. Luna and Alpha and Mahogany – Kiowa? – will likely be sent to sanctuary because of their ages. The plane was dangerous for the helicopter AND the HORSES. The plane flew directly over the helicopter at least twice while he was bringing horses in – the plane also flew directly over the trapsite with horses in the pens – how is that anything other than dangerous? This wasn’t a “bold statement”; it was dangerous and uncalled for. Period. Be careful with your hate, please … I have so much respect for our BLM folks, and I am grateful they let me do what I did. They certainly didn’t have to. “Forty horses on this big range” ignores lots and lots and lots of other factors – like the fact that I’m trying to prevent this from happening again very soon – or happening this way at all – or that I (and our BLM) are trying to protect the health of the range as much as I am the health of the horses.

Mar – I know it does, and I know it will be hard to accept for a long time. We’re talking to people about some of the horses that went to Canon City …

Kim – The plane was ABSOLUTELY a much bigger danger to the horses and the people than the helicopter was. The plane pilot ignored both FAA rules AND simple common sense and safety. The plane flew so low, people on the hill were looking down on the top the wings. The helicopter pilot did an amazing job.

21 09 2011

Where in the world has Poco and Roach gone? Just curious. I am disappointed that so many are gone. It makes my heart hurt so much. Will you be able to find out what happens to all of the horses that have been sold, etc? Can you give us links to Canon City and the sanctuary?

21 09 2011

Don’t know yet. The pilot did see them the day before he brought Iya and Cougar in (with Wind and Coal). I am going to give people the opportunity to let us keep in touch with them about their mustangs … I hope some will take us up on that. In related news, the adopted foal is doing absolutely fantastic. Not only does he have an adoptive human mom, one of her mares has taken an instant liking to him. I swear he’s grown just in the last few days. He looks great.

Here’s a link to the Canon City facility:

21 09 2011

TJ – I appreciate all you’ve done with all your work for the horses at Spring Creek. Let me explain why my heart is broken and so heavy with regards to the death of Cinch.

I came to learn about and love this majestic stallion through Crystal Walker’s photos and stories of her encounters with him. I’d hoped to see him live and in the wild for myself. He was so incredible, with such spunk and confidence.

I was so inspired by the Colorado wild horse photos Crystal took that I bought one. I didn’t have much money, but one in particular caught my attention and heart. (“Cinch” pictures by Crystal Walker – website of photos ~~~~under the album “Spring Creek Wild Horses” – Album 2 – Page 4 = Picture 24) (Pages 3,4,5,6 have photos of “Cinch”) – The magnificent Stallion w/ the brown & “rust” kind of color on his muzzle. Looks like he has a white “cinch” around his belly. He is black, white, and rust colored.

Now just a memory.

This particular “Cinch” photo I mentioned is one I liken to “El Mariachi” (Pam Nickoles wild horse profile pic – for the story – – with Jesia Roberts.) The flare of the nostrils in both wild horses, the stance, the look directly at you, the confidence in the eyes.

I grow attached to the live wild horses that are living free, and only wish that I could have the opportunity to see them before they are rounded up and / or die for whatever reason. Perhaps it is not to be in my lifetime.

Blessings to you TJ for all your work and love for these horses. :} Thank you for sharing their stories as you have come to know them and your photos of them.


21 09 2011
Linda Horn

I hope people understand that most “Sanctuaries” aren’t bad places like STH feedlots. The ones in the Flint Hills look pretty nice. Lots of room, good pastures, and feed in the winter. They’re even promoted by the Tourism Bureau, although you can only see them from public roads unless there’s an Open House. The dangerous part is Sale Authority. That’s why I’d like to see the older SCB Mustangs purchased from Canon City ASAP. Buying them would be pretty easy. Transport would cost, but I think it’s doable. The challenge is finding them places to go.

21 09 2011
LindaLMartin- Mustang A Day Challenge

TJ, thanks so much for all of your hard work with the BLM and working as advocate with these horses. And thank you for the updates. Its a hard thing going through the uncertainty of the round up process. But Im so glad that you have persevered to share with us these horses of your heart. =0)

21 09 2011

Thanks T.J. for the updates. Through all this you’ve been a positive voice. And getting the pictures, seeing them out there helps greatly.
We appreiciate all your tremendious support!
We need to look forward , and live for today just as our little mustangs do.

22 09 2011

I read that 7 horses died, 2 from broken necks, a young foal orphaned, and they shut down public observation at the Barren Valley roundup last week. 😦 I guess we can be thankful Spring Creek got Catoor and not Sun J. This is a travesty.

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