Cause & effect

3 07 2013

A little of this:

Copper with Reya and Spirit.

led to a little of this:


Because Corazon (in this pic at far right) wasn’t keen to have Copper (in the first pic at left) horning in on his girl, Reya – in the first pic, flipping her tail, and in the second pic, tossing her mane. The flirt. 🙂

Baby, protected

17 06 2013

Reya, Spirit and S'aka.

Spirit makes the sweetest filling in a mama-brother sandwich.

Take care

15 06 2013

Reya and Spirit

Mama Reya and baby Spirit in lovely late light.


The devastating fires on Colorado’s Front Range probably are a news story in all parts of the country. So far, two people have been found dead, and more than 400 homes have been destroyed – the lives of more than 400 families in ashes. Many relief and support efforts are under way, for the people AND animals affected by the fires. Closer to Southwest Colorado, there was a giant plume of smoke on the southern end of the La Sal Mountains in Utah, apparently from two different fires.

It is DRY, and it is HOT, and it is WINDY; that’s a recipe for fires. The Utah fires are listed as having been caused by lightning, but (at least) the Black Forest Fire in Colorado was human-caused. Please be careful out there. Prayers for the people who have lost their homes and for rain always appreciated.

Sibling spots

13 06 2013

Spirit and S'aka.

Big brother S’aka is protective of his little sister, Spirit.

I found them – via the Jeep – in just about the same spot (heh) as when I hiked in and spotted them from Round Top.

How cute are they?

There to there and back again

10 06 2013


So here’s the deal with the pintos: They are self-segregating (if not self-regulating) and are not very often seen unless you work hard to see them. The last couple of times I’ve seen them, I have, in fact walked worked very hard to see them. Readers might recognize the above pic as a zoomed-in version of a photo I posted when I announced Reya had had her filly. I post it in lieu of the pic I would have taken the night before last if a) I hadn’t been on top of Round Top, b) they hadn’t been way out yonder and c) they/I would have been, you know, closer to each other.

I thought I was smart by hiking in from my favorite spot (no roads in McKenna Peak Wilderness Study Area – aka, “the WSA”). They were smarter (no comments!) by being where they would have been easily accessible had I driven in to my favorite drive-in spot from which to access the WSA. Naturally.

Early in the hike, I thought I might come back with pix of Ty, Chipeta and Seneca to share with you all, but, as the song goes, they might have been just an illusion, as completely, thoroughly and totally as they disappeared. I saw them, went to check on David, whose back I saw briefly, and when I went back to where I had seen Ty’s band: nada. Not even from the top of Round Top could I spot them again.

Even from a distance, through the binoculars, baby looked fine and healthy.

Reya and her new baby filly.

By the way, baby’s name is Spirit. Thanks to Corrie for the suggestion. 🙂