On the run to water

20 11 2012

Evening drink time:

Gaia, Cassidy Rain, Killian and Roja run down a slope to join Storm at a water seep in an arroyo!

Love the rich colors of their fuzzy coats in diffuse sunset light.

It’s so dry – still. Seeing them drink was a welcome sight. Ranchers are hauling water to their cattle that still are on the range (not Spring Creek Basin but in nearby areas). All rain and/or snow dances welcome!


15 11 2012

Baby got ‘tude! 🙂

Miss Cassidy Rain is one sassy filly!

When I first saw them, from quite a distance, Cassidy was a dark shape at the feet of … stepdaddy Storm! Roja and Killian were grazing some distance away from them, and mama Gaia was really far away. Anyone watching would have thought Storm was Cassidy’s mother. But no, this young stepdaddy was protecting his baby stepdaughter, watching over her as she napped so mama could graze. Does that melt your heart or what? And that’s what daddies do. Just another wild day in the basin.

Two red, one dark

28 10 2012

These beauties are in Storm’s band:

Red Roja, red Gaia and dark Cassidy Rain. Watchful girls in the wind.

In other news, happy birthday, Mom! Love you!

Dark beauty

20 10 2012

How gorgeous is she? Stand by for a post about another dark beauty, adopted and loved.

Third *heart* a charm!

12 10 2012

Well, let’s just continue the theme, shall we?

Cassidy Rain with mama Gaia and new stepdaddy Storm.

The new family: Killian, Roja, Storm, Gaia and Cassidy Rain.


Gaia & Cassidy Rain

9 10 2012

Gaia and her daughter, Cassidy Rain, formerly with Grey/Traveler’s band, now are with Storm’s band, which previously consisted just of Roja and her yearling son, Killian.

Pretty mama and baby girl.

Isn’t it strange to see a foal turning not lighter but darker?? (In our basin of dominant greys, it is!) Now she’s the rich, dark brown of her sire, Cinch. The question is: Will she stay this color?

Storm’s + 2

7 10 2012

Did no one guess the answers to the questions posed under the “Change” post? Their names were in tags, of course, but … anyone?

Maybe it’s just that this young stallion continues to amaze me. Aspen has been dogging Grey/Traveler’s band for the last week or so, but it wasn’t Aspen who stole a mare. It was …


As a side note, can you believe how dark Cassidy Rain now is? Look back at this post or this post and compare.

The ponies are showing definite signs of “fuzzying up”!


5 10 2012

Who are they, and who are they with?

Our Gaia

13 09 2012

Spring Creek Basin’s Gaia …

… with her baby girl, Cassidy Rain. Gorgeous girls in golden light.

Cassidy Rain

12 09 2012

Gaia’s little girl sparkles. Really. That’s the word. See if you don’t agree:

Love the ‘tude!

Love this little beauty. 🙂