Cassidy Rain

12 09 2012

Gaia’s little girl sparkles. Really. That’s the word. See if you don’t agree:

Love the ‘tude!

Love this little beauty. 🙂



5 responses

12 09 2012

I’ll say I gotta agree. She definitely doesn’t have any self-esteem issues.

12 09 2012

Who is raising since Gaia died? Did you ever find out what she died from?

12 09 2012

Erg, who is raising her (Rain) since Gaia died?

12 09 2012

You’re thinking of Sand Wash Basin’s Gaia. Our Gaia is alive and well!

13 09 2012

Oops, sorry. SO glad your Gaia is alive and well and able to care for her baby!!!

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