24 07 2012

Oh, what mamas have to put up with. πŸ™‚

But the love … the love …


21 07 2012

Cassidy Rain and mama Gaia; Houdini in the background.

A magical evening.

Can’t resist

11 07 2012

And really, who can?

The big man himself: Grey/Traveler.

Two of his girls – Alegre and Houdini – and this year’s daughter, Mariah.

And new mama Gaia and baby Cassidy Rain.

Just because they’re all beautiful and I love them so. πŸ™‚

Gaia & Cassidy Rain

9 07 2012

Mama and daughter from a cloudy evening before the rain. Look at those long baby lashes!

In fact, that night, I walked one of the big arroyos that drain Spring Creek Basin in a section HP and I hadn’t ridden, and it was totally dry. I made my report later: Not a seep to be found. A few nights later, Spring Creek was running with water! Can’t wait to see what moisture awaits the next time I can visit the basin and her beauties!

Summer solstice sunrise

20 06 2012

Cassidy Rain with mama Gaia at sunrise.

I spent sunrise with my favorite band, then visited Hollywood’s band. Good news: Kestrel got Comanche back. And yes, I mean it just like that.

Divine morning. Sometimes I’m reduced to happy tears to feel the blessings of this life. You can’t witness moments like these and not believe in the beauty of the world, that it’s something worth fighting for. Glorious.

More Cassidy Rain

10 06 2012

At last, more pix of the beautiful girl. These are all from her birthday, June 2.

Cassidy Rain with mama Gaia and auntie Aurora.

I like Gaia’s seemingly “challenging” look here, but in truth, she was lowering her head to graze.

Like most first-time mamas, Gaia couldn’t keep from touching her newborn. Sniffing her, licking her, nuzzling her, bonding mama to babe and babe to mama.

A precious thing is the love of a mama for her baby.

Cassidy Rain with her elegant grandmama Alegre (Aurora’s and Gaia’s mama).

These may be my absolute favorites:

Mama checking on her dreaming baby.

Sweet mercy. If you don’t see in this image that babies are the most precious thing to these wild families, I just don’t know how else to convey it. (Creative note: Photos cropped for maximum impact.)

So much beauty and promise in these little bodies. πŸ™‚

Cassidy Rain

3 06 2012

Gaia had her baby. A girl. πŸ™‚

This first-time mama is 4 years old. Baby is a day or less old in these photos.

She’s an excellent mama. πŸ™‚ That’s mud on baby, from one of the ponds (and yes, it was scary seeing her so covered in mud so soon after birth!).

The first time I saw Gaia’s little girl, it was raining. (OK, sprinkling.) So the obvious name Rain leaped to mind. Our new herd manager, Kiley Whited, has been a breath of fresh air. He just celebrated his birthday, and his baby daughter, Cassidy, is the most adorable bundle of cuteness. Having just named Madison after friend Tif’s daughter, the second obvious name hit me like a lightning bolt.

And then I couldn’t pickΒ just one, so baby has two. πŸ™‚

My world got busy, and I haven’t been able to get to photos (!), but I will have more soon.

Welcome to your wild world, beautiful girl!